Angel Beats – Yuri Nakamura Uniform Cosplay Costume Version 02, Female-Medium

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Source: Angel Beats
Character: Nakamura Yuri School Uniform
Occasion: Mardi Gras, Halloween

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Product Description

This costume includes a white, long sleeved sailor fuku style top. The collar is a light blue with dark blue trim, just like the cuffs of the sleeves. A triangle cut on the bottom middle of the front of the uniform is present, as well as a dark blue trim along the bottom. On the left sleeve, the school patch is carefully ironed on. Around the collar is a red ribbon and a light blue pleated skirt is included to complete the school uniform look. A black head band with a green bow and a white hat with a blue trim and pink ribbon are included as well so you can look just like Yurippe! Fight the system and beat Tenshi with this fun and exciting cosplay costume.

Size Chart

Female-XXS:148-152 Height(cm)|76-78 Chest(cm)|57-59 Waist(cm)|84-86 Hips(cm)
Female-XS :153-157 Height(cm)|79-81 Chest(cm)|60-62 Waist(cm)|87-89 Hips(cm)
Female–S :158-162 Height(cm)|82-84 Chest(cm)|63-65 Waist(cm)|90-92 Hips(cm)
Female–M :163-167 Height(cm)|85-87 Chest(cm)|66-68 Waist(cm)|93-95 Hips(cm)
Female–L :168-172 Height(cm)|88-90 Chest(cm)|69-71 Waist(cm)|96-98 Hips(cm)
Female-XL :173-177 Height(cm)|91-93 Chest(cm)|72-74 Waist(cm)|99-101 Hips(cm)
Female-XXL:178-182 Height(cm)|94-96 Chest(cm)|75-77 Waist(cm)|102-104 Hips(cm)
Female-XXXL:183-187Height(cm)|97-99 Chest(cm)|78-80 Waist(cm)|105-107 Hips(cm)

Kid-S :110-130 Height(cm)|55-64 Chest(cm)|50-56 Waist(cm)|60-72 Hips(cm)
Kid-L :130-150 Height(cm)|65-74 Chest(cm)|57-62 Waist(cm)|73-83 Hips(cm)

Source: Angel Beats
Character: Nakamura Yuri School Uniform
Occasion: Mardi Gras, Halloween
Please do check our sizing chart to decide which size can fit you well before making order
Package Includes: Sailor Suit + Skirt + Neckwear + Headband + Hat + Stockings X2

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